So You Want to Start a Blog?


Generally, I like to root for the underdog, to give the less commonly known a chance. For example, I’d rather discover some mysterious item on a bottom shelf of a bookcase in an antique warehouse, than buy mass produced mall knick-knacks. However, sometimes things are popular for a reason. When it comes to finding a blogging platform, I made the decision to go with a glaringly popular one: WordPress.

After researching available options for free blogging platforms, I discovered that WordPress and Blogger are the most widely recommended. There are other platforms that are good for specific purposes, such as  Tumblr for mainly images and video.


WordPress logo


  • Many templates to choose from
  • A plethora of plug-ins
  • Free and easy to upgrade
  • Option to transfer platforms easily without losing content



  • Fast and easy to use
  • Many options such as fonts, colors and layouts
  • Google Analytics as well as other Google apps

tumblr logo


  • Combined social network features
  • Good for images and video
  • Focused more on visuals, less text


Basically, the choice depends on what the blogger’s needs and personal preferences are. I chose WordPress because it offers a lot of templates and plug-ins. Since it is so popular, I also wanted to be comfortable using it for future clients. (Keep in mind, there is and There is a useful article here that explains the difference between the two.)

So if you are looking for a good blog platform to use, decide what your needs are, do a little research and get started.

Want to know more?

While researching this topic, I found this article on noupe, one of my favorite resources for design. There is also a useful article at PCMagazine about blog platforms. Thirdly, this article from Six Revisions has some useful insight as well.

Other Resources:

PC Magazine


Digital Trends

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