Blogging For Business


Blogging is a very important marketing tool for businesses. It attracts potential clients, gives people information about your business and offers insight about your company. By maintaining a consistent blog, readers tend to return which creates a loyal base of clientele.

Blogging Statistics

There are a lot of blogs out there and even more viewers. In order to keep your business from falling behind, consider having a blog.

Good for Business

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“WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!” Blogging is a great way to let the world know your business exists, attracts potential clients and gives people an idea about your business and company.

“THIS IS WHAT WE PROVIDE AND WHAT WE’RE ABOUT.” Having a blog is a great way to showcase your company and its services. Some content could be samples of the work or service your business provides.

“JUST IN!” Blogging is different from just having a website because it is information that keeps readers coming back. Adding to your blog regularly keeps readers interested in anything new happening with your business. Some examples may be to let people know your business is using new technology or expanding to new locations.

“COME FIND US!” Having a blog provides keywords that help search engines bring in more viewers. Connecting your blog to social networks also spreads the word.

(Here’s an article from about why blogging is useful for business.)

Ways to Improve Your Blog

Info & Answers: Offer tips and information about your field. This educates potential clients and lets them know that your business is knowledgeable.


Grammar & Spelling: Correct grammar and well-written posts are crucial to maintaining a professional appearance. Spellcheck, edit and correct any grammatical errors or typos.

Comment & Share: When creating your blog, include links that allow readers to share your blog. This helps get the word out and can bring in more viewers (potential clients). Commenting is also a useful way to get feedback and connect with more people.

Plan & Publish: It may be helpful to write many posts ahead of time and post them regularly. Set a scheduled day to publish posts. This maintains consistency and keeps readers interested. A blog that just collects dust won’t keep readers coming back!


Quality graphics: Images are an important part of creating an interesting blog. Low quality images can detract from the presentation of your blog. Make sure to include only high quality images, graphics and icons.

Easy to scan: The way to do this is to have good formatting such as pertinent headings and subheadings. Provide bulleted lists or text that emphasizes important ideas in bold or italics. (But don’t over do it!) Keep it simple and concise.

Future Blogging Ideas

I will be continually updating this blog with design-related tips and examples. Some of the topics may include:

  • Image quality and file types
  • The importance of white space
  • Tips on logo design and branding
  • Standard web practices
  • Latest trends
  • Tips for SEO

Check back periodically to learn more. Please feel free to comment!

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