Image Sliders


Many if not most websites have some kind of image gallery or cycle, also known as an image slider. Finding a good image slider can be daunting with so many of them out there!

One of the projects I am currently working on within a group, is a website for an artist organization. To be effective, the website needs a visual representation portraying what the organization is about. A homepage slider with quality images is one effective way to do this. (The website needs visuals!) It will show pictures of artists at work, studios and events, etc.

Criteria For Image Slider

The CMS being used for this website is WordPress, so there are many options available for image sliders, especially plug-ins. First let’s look at some of the criteria required (preferred) for this image slider:

  • Easy to use backend (for client to update images in the future)
  • Customization options (like transitions and arrows/buttons)
  • Responsive

Image Slider Plug-ins

Meta Slider: This slider plug-in is responsive, easy to set up and and has options for customization. It also has image cropping features, which makes it easier for implementing. There seems to be a lot supporting tutorials and guides. Here is an introduction video showing this slider’s features:

For Meta Slider Documentation and other information:

This plug-in offers options and features for different sliders. Here is a screen shot of the settings menu:

Settings Menu


The Meta Slider is free as a plug-in from WordPress and there is also a Pro version that isn’t free (from

When looking for an image slider, consider things like customization, responsive design, smooth transitions and easing, allowing the viewer to navigate, among other slider features. There are many plug-ins from which to choose for image sliders. Maybe Meta Slider is the one for your next project!